Whereas, we are commanded in Deuteuronomy 37:7


to "remember the days of old, consider the years of many







Whereas, the historical ignorance and biblical illiteracy of the


church of Jesus Christ has reached a critical level that most


professed Christians are not concerned at all with a Biblical


and Protestant heritage.





Whereas, as it is the responsibility of the churches of Christ


to propagate the knowledge of God through the declaration of


what God has accomplished through the works of Creation,


Redemption and Providence, to neglect the communication of


such knowledge is dereliction of duty.






The Church at Owens Creek hereby designates the first


Saturday and Lord's Day of November






wherein we will remember the days of old and bring to light


the men and movements that have delivered to us the


faith that was once delivered unto the saints and delivers


us from the damnable heresies the lead men into destruction.



You are cordially invited to attend this special service.




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